Monday, May 21, 2007


This was the 140th Annual May Queen Crowing.

I had the please of meeting the 20006 May Queen. She was a beautiful, clever and delightful girl. Then on Friday was the crowing of the 2007 May Day Queen and her attendents. There were Maypole dancing, ballet performances, Highland dancing and Bagpipes. Members of parliament and the Mayor's office were there too. I was interesting to me that traditons so old and long forgottren by most people were still being held in this age. Though, ay one time the May Queen was sacriiced for a good harvest, i was careful not to tell the Queen any of this.

We had the tradional small parade and fireworks at night. The start of many week-end festivites here. I took photos, but not too many are very good. As always, i do try...

There was a 1930s firetruck in the parade. Pierre would have liked that.

I planted my flowers this morning, it is traditional to do that on this week-end in most of Canada. Here on the island we really do not have to worry about the weather.

A few haiku and tanka:

Her young eyes

fill with tears tonight

May Day Queen year over

Robe of purple

a diamond tiara

a glowing Queen

Old chestnut tree

white candles sway

Spring wind

Highland dancers

young girls twirl thier kilts

swords at thier feet

The Colour Guard

holding the many flags

old backs still straight

The dark sky

full of colours and sound

fireworks bring me

outside to look

with delight

Sunday, May 13, 2007



I am on my way to meet mine for a buffet lunch and a bottle of bubbly.

There is so much to say about my Mother...2 much

So , all i will do is her favourite haiku today

Regal looking Lady

more silver in the gold

of her hair

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


May has many important dates.

May 1....Oma callls first thing and says, "That Korean wife of his killed him you". Well May 1 is my Father's birthday. He married a lovely Korean lady and had a stroke, a year later. Oma is convinced that she gave him herbs to kill him and run off with the money.

Well,, after his stroke, yes she ran off, but i was made his trustee... He died 10 years later with another stroke. He was finally going to write his life story. He had refused to talk about his life in Hungry until the communists left. It would have been an exciting story full of Princes, thieves, lost castles and who knowas what is fact or fiction. I really do not know anything about his family in Hungry at all....only hints. He did mention a beautiful place close to Lake Balaton. I found it and it had been turned into a luxury hotel. In 1989, after the communists lot power...they gave back land and property....but i had to prove what his family owned. Well, he was caught in a fire working up North and all his papers were lost, so now change of a castle on Lake Balaton. It is there and beautiful and that is fine...i can go anything and stay there. Though Dr. Pavel will not allow me to travel through time zones in fear of inducing my illness. So i can only only in North America fo the time being.

May 6 is also a birthday of a person who was once very special to me. I am happy his heart is still ticking over, 41 is too young to die. Though this modern day Renaissance man has had a life filled of all the things he has wanted to do and experience. It is not the quantity but the quality, but i pray for him.

It is Jeffrey's fathers very large birthday this month also. he has been very ill too, so he is in my daily prayers also. It seems once a man reaches 40, his body starts to send messages...

Well May 13 is Mother's Day...and always a happy day in our family. The women live on and on!!

For Sandor

On Lake Balaton

the room of his birth

a warm glow

Restless river

the fire-coloured maple

beckons the Magyar


she places haiku

over his ashes

For J

A blue-irised man

sends her a post-card

on his honeymoon

His four children

gather around his bed

he is content

For Oma

Spring morning

more silver than gold

in her hair

Her singing

fills the old house

and odour of 4711

For Robert (Bob)

His milestone birthday

drinking Veuve Clicquot

counting his years in bubbles

wonder where the time has gone

And what would have been a special Wedding anniversay

On the small island

memories of thier life

fill the shadows