Sunday, September 23, 2007


I woke up very early this morning for some reason. I have actually slept 7 hours a night for the last couple of months, not today. I then realised it is the first day of Autumn.

Autumn always gives me a restless feeling, perhaps itis my Maygyar DNA. An urge to go off to Winter hunting grounds?

For weeks now it look as if someone has used a paint brush on the trees and bushes during the night. The old oak trees have rusty leaves and the acorns are on the ground.

I found an interesting and useful piece of rock art. Rocks have spaces where you put tea lights inside them. They warm the rocks...a wonderful spot to put cold bare feet.

I have never been to Eastern Canada or the USA for Autumn and one day i really must go and see all those red Maple trees. We do not have mnay of them here.

Autumn haiku and tanka

Rusting oak trees
guarding the harbour entrace
spaces to see through now
the ships pass behind them
to Alaska and Vancouver

Red and yellow leaves
float on the blue ocean
where do they journey to
if i were an insect small
could i catch a ride

On this pacific island
reds and yellow leaves
foat here and settle there
i feel ready to travel
with them right now

A weeping willow
still full of green leaves
the old man's memories

The old man
lights a Churchill
to keep wasps away

Half the boats
in the harbour now gone
more space for my dragonboat
to reach the other island

In Mother's garden
sound of many crickets
singing old songs

In the kitchen
a cricket in a cage
keeping Aki time

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Two very special birthdays to the Ladies that are so very import to me!!

Normally Sagittarian and Virgo do not really get along.

Well, not true at all.

Both have milestone birthdays today. Both share ancient roots to the Baltic sea.

One the oldest woman in my life, the other the youngest.

For Mutti Melitta:

She starts her day

with the coffee with her name

Melitta in her cup

Wihout her on earth

i would not be here at all

September's red leaves

On the Baltic

in an ancient place

gold sand dunes

Blond Viking hair

the Baltic winds blow

the sea scents

Young green eyes

do not recognize the

older face

Across the sea

in an old graveyard

ancestor spirits

still alive and with us today

tall blue irises


Her voice

my wake-up call

each moring

In old Hamburg

from her open window

mist from the river

In her closet today

another pair of designer shoes

from her Prince

Bottle of champagne

another taste of

the old widow Clicquot

to start a birthday morning

in my Irish glass

Saturday, September 8, 2007



By Angelika Bygott and John Daleiden


a frog observes

the clouds /chiyo-ni

near the lily pads

dragon flies hover /Angelika

the waves break

on Malibu Beach

sandpipers skitter /John

late August day

a leaf in the ocean

Canada Goose honks /Angelika

hurricane remnants

one hundred year floods /John

the lunar eclipse

her full face has a twin

in the still ocean /Angelika