Monday, December 24, 2007


I wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

My family celebrates a Danish Christmas with goose and red cabbage. Dessert is a rice pudding with an almond in it. Whoever gets the almond wins the marzipan pig.

It is Bling's first Christmas, so he is having fun crawling into the boxes and trying to climb up the two Christmas trees in the house. Mischi, being more used to all the glitter and fun is quite calm.

WE had a bit of snow, but it did not stay. Too warm in this rainforest.

In the snow
foot prints melt
in the sun

Snow on cedars
in the rainforest
it slowly washes away

A new nutcraker
i wait at midnight
where is the prince

In the harbour
boats with Christmas lights
sail slowly by

Christmas buffet
too many choices
sound of groaning

In the church
His light bright tonight
Christmas time