Tuesday, February 20, 2007



It is 4705, year of the Pig

I went to a Chinese buffet and eat like one!!!

I have met a Pig-person this year and i wish him the best of years this year.

I was in Victoria for a few days last week and went to Chinatown for a few New year's goodies and essential herbs and teas for my larder.

I was asked to write some rose haiku for an upcoming book published by Angela Leuck in Quebec later this year. She has asked many haijin around the owrld to contribute and i am pleased that she has also asked me again. She has been publishing a series of flower haiku books. I did some tulip haiku for her a couple of years ago.

My book has been selling well in Vancouver and i need to re-

print soon. Hugh Bygott is still revising it. I will add some new haiku and a few new photos. I will be leaving out the personal dedications, due to the fact that i left out a number of people and they are upset.

i have joined the Tanka Association of America. I am going to concentrate on tanka this year. The longer lines and syllabels gives me more scope to say a bit more.

Here are a few Rose haiku i did this week and some last year.

Late winter today

the rose bushes now pruned down

promise of scents soon

The misty garden

yellow petals falling down now

as her tears flow down

Valentine's day here

she waits all the day for the

sign of his caring

In his large letter

the rose petals falling out

tears softening them

After she rose

her scent lingerd

will he miss her

A purple rose

with silver glitter

the latest thing