Saturday, November 3, 2007


Ah, November is has always been my favourite month along with December, for selfish reasons. My birthday and that of my soul-mates who are also fellow Sags.
A few are scattered around the world. My wish is to have a huge party one year and invite them all to Hawai'i with me so we can all celebrate our birthdays together there. Christmas officially begins in Honolulu right after Thanks giving with the Santa parade. The large hotels do a wonderful job in decorating. Yes, it is a wonderful time!!

My friend Ian MacDougall has shot a few very nice photos on Vancouver Island for you to see here.

Winter begins on December 22, so there are still many weeks of Autumn left to enjoy this colourful season.

Some tanka and haiku for Autumn:

Trees from Italy
yellow leaves falling
near the cedars

In the midst
of yellow and red leaves
a palm tree

The black kitten
chases a grey squirrel
in the misty garden

Purple leaves
of a tree in a field
i know not what kind

Autumn cranberries
beyond ripe for picking
bird's food supply
for the coming Winter
full of vitamin C

A county lane
fencing the horses in
Autumn sunshine

On the lonely path
red and gold leaves
she walks on them
crunching in delight
with a giggle too

In the distance
mountains now touched with
the first snows of Winter
nature has left her
first mark behind