Thursday, December 21, 2006


This is the first Christmas in a few years that i have been well enough to really enjoy all the wonderful fuss and bother of it all. I have not just one tree, but 3!! One in my bedroom, one in the living room an done outside the door. Mischi has bows and bells on and is making a musical noise whenever she walks by. My Germanic and Danish heritage is fully represented in my home and that of my family.

Christmas eve we have a Danish Christmas dinner: roast goose with prune and apple stuffing, caramel potatoes, red cabbage and green vegetables...a nice colourful feast. The dessert is a fluffy rice pudding. In the pudding is an almond, whoever gets the almond wins a mazipan pig.
After dinner we have coffee and cookies and stronger stuff for the hearty ones to fortify themselves for midnight church services. Christmas during my childhood was always a bitter-sweet affair. My Mother would become homesick for Europe and weep a bit over the Christmas box that family always sent. We all still get weepy. Now that i am a member of St. Luke The Physician it will be my turn to say Grace.

I wish all of you the joy and peace of this season and may God grant you all yur wishes.

Christmas wreath
the fourth candle now lit
a hush pervades

Christmas tree
hanging memories
one by one

Lights on the tree
making wishes
this dark night

Still christmas night
the sound of rain
no snow at all

Snow covered temple
lone woman in a red coat
kneels to pray anyway

a blue haze covers
the old eyes
memories come
creeping in

Monday, December 11, 2006


I had my Christmas party for friends and neighbours yesterday. Without the addition of wonderful music it woudl not have been so nice at all. I played The Brothers Cazimero Christmas album. A Dragon Boat team memeber was ther, she had lived in Honolulu as a child and she was so happy to here this music from Hawaii. We shared a few happy memories of the island. I will be there soon.

One of the most ancient satisfaction known to man is music. The brain can now be mapped to see what goos on when we listen to music. Music is language and is a neurological fact. Recent developments in MRI scanning has offered new infromation on how we respond to music. Music has an immediat eimpact that triggers the release of chemicals into the blood stream that creates pleasure. Yes, life would be less special without the wonderful music in our lives.

I gave all the people at my party a gift of the latest collaboration between my friend Sandra Moorhouse-Good, a local artist. Last Spring i spent a few hours writing haiku for her paintings for the book we have planned. We have yet not found time to get together and discuss how the book should look, so in the meantime, i came up with the idea to take a few of her paintings to my printer. He scanned them and added my haiku. They are beautiful. I let my guest each choose one. The cards will be sold in shops.

Christmas party

the cat has a red bow

around her neck

Bottles of bubbly

a pink glow on

my cheeks

Music of Hawaii

colours blue and green

come into my mind

Advent wreath

two candles light

the dim room

Silent night, Holy night

all talk ceases in the

noisy room

Red dress and shoes

after a few hours

pinch, pinch pinch

( i hate shoes and never wear them unless i have to)

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


December 6th in most of Europe, is St. Nicholas Day. Children will find a potatoe or some chocolate in the shoe they left out last night.

St. Nicholas died on December 6th in 345. He was the Bishop of Myra. He spent his life doing good works and performing miracles. The Church made his a Saint. Even today his relics in the city Bari produce a substance, which is prized for it's healing properties.

He was very kind to children. Today he is known as Santa Claus.

So Santa Claus is REAL!!!

December morning
a child crosses her fingers
will she get a potatoe

Frosty streets
the old man in red carries a sack
for good children

A child finds
a potatoe in her shoe
soft crying

December morning
frost on a shoe
chocolate inside

In the doorway
my son's shoe stands
full of chocolate
his happy grin
also a puzzled expression

My shoe is outside
is it too big for St. Nickolas
to leave anything?

Monday, December 4, 2006


It is the Advent month. My church had an Advent service yesterday. It was a wonderful time and as we all we in the dark and then lite our Advent candle one by one a feeling of peace and wonder filled the small church.

This Sunday i am having a tree decorating party. Family and friends will come over for some bubbly and sweets and we will all help to decorate my tree. I still have a small angel that i have had since i was 3 years of age. She is my favourite decoration. I hoep we will get another snowfall for Christmas, i will pray.

Decorating the tree

hanging memories

one by one

In the church

Advent candles are lite

Jesus is coming

In the small church

December's dim light but

white candles lighted

In the church

all is in blue cloth

and white candles

The Bishop

round and jolly

gives me a wink

Happy Advnt to you all

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I prayed for a bit of real Winter for Xmas, well God heard and answered in record time.

The province has been hard hit with record snowfalls, power failure and people overcome by using their bbq to generate heat. A family member was riding a sleigh dwon a steep hill and hit a solid rock wall. He has many facial cuts and a concussion. That is a bit too much Winter for him. I looked into my many closets and could not find a pair of warm, non-slippery boats. In the far back of one of the many closets, i found a pair of black cowboy boots with red hearts on them. I have no idea where they came from, but i wore them yesterday. When i got home late last night i had trouble taking off the right one, the left was impossible. So, i thought my feet might be swollen, so i put the foot on a pillow for a coupel of hours, with much pulling and tugging i did manage to get the thing off.

We are expecting more snow and even cold on Thursday.

I went out and tried to take some photos. I took a few, but then my card was full. There was a good potential shot of 3 red benches in the snow, i woudl have liked to take that one.

My Mother lives in the Northern part of the city, which is on higher ground and thus has more snow than down here on the ocean. Her car , she told me is totally coverved with heavy, wet snow. She will be stuck there for sometime. The city does not deal with snow removal very well because snow is not the usual thing here at all. I have been watching children playing down in the park and they are having such fun. There are snow angels everywhere.

But, the snow did not keep me from meeting having good friend Elizabeth's brithday celebration at one of my favourite pubs.

November snow

a red bench sit waiting

no one walking today

Snow covered temple

lone woman in a red coat

kneels to pray anyway

In the deep snow

she walks with

black cowboy boots

with red hearts

on them

Grey sea and sky

snow flakes melt on

the red umbrella

On the small island

a cloud of falling snow

covers the cedars

The snow covered cedars

stand covered in snow

an eagle hovers

Friday, November 24, 2006


II changed to this new blog. I wrote my birthday story and it did not appear and i take this as a sign that i need to start over on this blog-thing!!!

This week has been the best Birthday week i have had for 3 years, it is wonderful to be healthy enough to enjoy it. Now i will begin my Christmas countdown. I enjoy Christmas even more than my birthday, after all is it the birth of Christ and far more importan than my own.

I prayed to God and The Buddah; yes i think it is possible to have more than one belife system!

I asked them both to set me free of material wants, but could they please help me get my lost Christmas decorations back??? Well, guess what?? I did find most of the boxes, and i am so happy! I am going to have a Tree Decorating party on Decemeber the 10th. I will be inviting a few new poeple and two guitarist friends and it will be a wonderful afternoon. of Blair the Butler will be greeting and announcing the guests, and pouring the bubbly, serving the small, sweet munchies. We will sing Christmas carols too. He does a wonderful job of assuming a fake English accent, and i have trained him well in the fine art of butlery. He is a fast learner, and a man of many talents, one being the editor of my book; Vancouver Island Poetry.

There are 3 delivery notices that there are packages awaiting me in the post office. I hope one is from Sam in Honolulo, with the 2 pounds of Kona that he has been promising to send since January. That reminds me that Johannes in India has also been promising to send me coffee for many years.

Ah well, the Gods will hear my plea and do what they will.

Well, off i go to another Birthday week luncheon with Elizabeth, whose birthday is tomorrow. We have been meeting for our birthdays for many years. We are going to the Lighthouse Pub, one of my favourite places in Nanaimo. The view, the food, the beer are wonderful.