Monday, April 23, 2007



A very loud clap of thunder and then the Pineapple Express hit us in Maffeo Sutton Park. A spectacular start to the day.

My group of vlounteers did a splendid job and we all enjoyed the day. i was in charge of of the colouring contest. I handed out the picture to colour...damp but joyful entrants kept me busy. During the most powerful downpour i coloured too. Aw well, it is fun to be child-like, i make it a daily practise. The best part of the day was a swing music group. Everyone liked the music of that era.

I have 3 festival tatoos that will not budge from my arms.

A few haiku and tanka (free-form and childish)

A loud clap

Thor in the sky today

the rush of wind and rain

children cry as the paint face

decorations run down in many colours

Japanese exchange students

volunteer for Earth Day

they run in the rain

giving out bottles of

pure island water

Earth Day

rain drops on

the Smart Car

In the rain

on Earth Day

the government ministers

cheerful in the rain

many people running to their booth

for free coffee and donuts

On Earth Day

we discuss how "green" we are

proud of our efforts

hey, i gave up my german tank

and still miss it, but not the price of gas

Earth Day

at the end of the day

tents dripping rain

a man comes along with

2 dogs that look like mops

Monday, April 16, 2007


Don Ho

Donlad Ho Tai Loy, August 13, 1930- April 14, 2007.

He die dof hear failure yesterday morning. He will be sadly missed by all and his show in Waikiki. I had th epleasure of meeting him and found him a wonderful, charming man.

Well known for his song, "Tiny Bubbles".

He was an icon who well represented the State of Hawaii.

White flower lei

the scent of rain in the air

her tears flowing

The heart of Waikiki

will forever beat in song

blue-great pacific

In the wine

those tiny bubbles

she lifts a glass

of Vevbe Clicquot

to his memory

Sunday, April 8, 2007


A wonderful Easter service today. The sun was out for only a little while...nothing new about that here on this island of rain forests...

I realised today that i have unconditional love from two men in my life. Jesus and Jeffrey!!!

I have turned off Yahoo and MSN and am spening the day in contemplation.


Angel sitting on the stone

the women named Mary not believing

the news that will bring joy

for two thousand years

first Easter

Thursday, April 5, 2007



I was carrying 10 pounds of groceries on each arm. I stopped to take a breathe.

I looked down in to the flower bed and there almost hidden where forget-me-nots, small blue star-like flowers with a yellow center. My heart stopped for a moment. Flooding with memories, thought were long gone. I felt a great wave of sadness. Two wonderful, but also painful memories of two blue-irised ones. I later found that one of them is very ill...more sadness and un-ease. In church tonight i prayed.



The night you left

i placed some forget-me-nots

on the windshield of your bus

knowing that we would never

share special moments again

In the store

your music in the back ground

i smile and remember

years ago, the same music

knowing you are happy



i saw them suddenly on the path

my thoughts turned to him

with my heart filled

with sadness


my thoughts return to your eyes

so many years ago

then tears in mine

wonderment and a deep sigh


a tear starts to flow

knight, poet and coffee lover

your heart stop-go...

i say a prayer